Term applied to strictly conservative religious belief; in Christianity it holds the entire Bible in its original languages to be free from historical, theological, and scientific error. Fundamentalists oppose the teaching of evolution and all concessions to modern thought embraced by liberal Christianity. They tend to emphasize the demands of personal morality rather than social issues. The term derives from a series of tracts which began to appear in the USA in 1909 and which affirmed five fundamentals of faith: the verbal inerrancy of scripture, the divinity of Christ, his birth of a virgin, a substitutionary theory of the atonement, and the physical resurrection and bodily return of Christ. Christian Fundamentalists maintain that being inspired by God (who cannot err) the Bible offers totally accurate history. The authority exercised by Jesus among his disciples is available in the Bible, so that the OT account of the origin of creation is more acceptable than a theory of evolution by natural selection. God has not revealed everything, but what he has revealed we can know with certainty. Fundamentalists distance themselves from theological sophistication.

Dictionary of the Bible.

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